Chief Risk Officer


Riley is the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at First Resource Bank.  Born and raised in the Twin Cities and hired out of the University of Saint Thomas with an Accounting degree, Riley’s first decade-plus of his career was spent as a bank regulator.  With subject matter expertise in loans and certifications in information technology, Riley was a commissioned risk management examiner and Loan Analysis School instructor for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).  Riley was then recruited to join a tactical, regulatory interpretations team at a large national banking system.  In 2021, Riley left to pursue a passion for community banking and joined First Resource Bank, one of Minnesota’s fastest growing banks, as Chief Credit Officer.

Today, Riley oversees FRB’s credit department as well as audit, compliance, regulatory, and external financial reporting.  His experience has enabled him to fully complement and support the strong growth trajectory while being especially mindful of the internal control structure.

While away from the office, Riley chases and coaches four amazing kids alongside his incredible wife, Megan.  He loves to golf and grill whenever he can.

“True wealth, success, and happiness can only be achieved by balancing our business life with the duty we have to our self and to our family.” – JCK