Commercial Loans

Types of Business Loans

  • Working capital
  • SBA loans
  • Equipment financing
  • Real estate mortgages for commercial properties and
    investment properties
  • Letters of credit
  • Building acquisition or refinance
  • Revolving credit lines

All loans are subject to credit approval, acceptable collateral and available equity. First Resource Bank is an Equal Housing Lender.

Checking, Savings and CDs

Find our full complement of checking and savings accounts here.

Member FDIC

Cash Management Services

First Resource Bank offers a comprehensive suite of Cash Management Services designed to streamline your financial operations and maximize efficiency. Our tailored solutions are crafted to meet the diverse needs of businesses large and small. Explore our range of services and discover how we can help you optimize your cash flow, enhance security, and unlock new opportunities for growth.’

ACH Origination

ACH Origination is a tool that can be used to reduce the expense associated with check processing and check fraud. ACH Origination allows you to process payroll direct deposit, invoice payments, and collect receivables securely and timely.

ACH Filter

ACH Filter helps protect your business from unauthorized and potential fraudulent ACH transactions from posting to your account. You have the ability to permit specific AH debit transactions to post to your account. ACH Filter allows you to monitor and block transactions for an entire account, by company ID , standard entry class (SEC) code, or routing/transit number. If an unauthorized transaction attempts to post to your account, you will be alerted to work the exception in digital banking.

Business Bill Pay

Bill pay replaces the need for check printing and mailing of your invoices.

Business Debit Cards

Utilize a debit card to make frequent purchases.

Check Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay is a fraud prevention tool that protects your business from check fraud by matching checks issued against checks presented for payment on your commercial checking accounts. When an unauthorized check is presented for payment, the item is flagged as an exception, and you will be alerted to work the item in digital banking. Positive Pay can help you avoid the hassle and potential financial loss due to check fraud.

Digital Wallets

Securely add your FRB debit card into Apple Wallet or Google Wallet seamlessly through the FRB App.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI allows you to receive ACH payment details so your business can match the transaction to your account receivables.

Electronic Statements

Eliminate the risk of lost or stolen mailed paper statements by utilizing electronic statements. Electronic statements are secure and can be accessed on the go.

IntraFi® Cash Services (ICS™)

ICS™ is a great tool to give you peace of mind knowing your have additional FDIC insurance coverage for your business. ICS™ will place your excess funds across multiple FDIC insured banks across the nation to maximize your coverage. As a result you will have peace of mind knowing your funds are 100% insured while working directly with just one bank, First Resource Bank, and knowing funds are liquid.

Sweep Services

Automate the movement of funds by utilizing an account sweep. Target balance, Zero Balance, and Line of Credit Sweeps are available.

Merchant Services

Merchant Services allows you to accept credit cards at your place of business.

Manage funds, check balances, pay bills, deposit checks and more! Our secure and convenient app gives you access to your  money whether at home, at work, or on the go.  Available to download from the App Store or Google Play.

Remote Deposit Captures

A convienent service that allows you to deposit checks from your office or home after normal banking hours. Save time by streamlining your deposits and reduce the number of trips to the bank.

Same Day ACH

Same Day ACH allows for expedited processing of your electronic payments same day.

Wire Transfers

A secure and fast method of sending funds. Originate domestic wire transfers in person or online to other financial institutions for same day processing (cutoff times apply). International wire services are also available in person.

ATM MoneyPass Locations

With the MoneyPass ATM Network, you never have to pay a fee to access your money again. As a customer of First Resource Bank, you may enjoy access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across the nation!

Check Reorder

Contact your nearest location to assist you with reordering checks.

Card Services

Existing Elan Credit Card Customers may access your account here.